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The industrial manufacturing cleaning field can mainly be divided into ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, and ultrasonic high-pressure spray combination cleaning.


The high-pressure spray cleaning machine mainly relies on increasing water pressure to spray on the surface of the workpiece, in order to achieve the goal of removing dirt. The general spray cleaning pressure is between 0.3-0.8 MPa. This method is easy to implement, easy to operate, and has a good effect. It is suitable for workpieces with a flat surface, but it is not easy to achieve the cleaning purpose in areas where the spray water flow is difficult to reach, such as deep holes and blind holes.


The ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly utilizes the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves to form a huge impact on the surroundings of the workpiece, causing the dirt on the surface and gaps of the workpiece to quickly peel off, thereby achieving the goal of surface purification of the workpiece. This cleaning method makes the cleaning of complex, curved, and small workpieces convenient and feasible, and can also achieve automated operations. Due to the presence of a small amount of air in the cleaning medium - water, the ultrasonic cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine will weaken for a period of time after the initial cleaning or replacement of the cleaning medium. However, as the cleaning time prolongs, the air in the water decreases, that is, after "raw water" becomes "cooked water", the ultrasonic cleaning effect will be significantly improved. In addition, the optimal temperature for ultrasonic cleaning is between 40 ℃ and 60 ℃.

超声波高压喷淋组合清洗适合有孔和有平面的工件。两者结合的作用下可以达到满意的清洁效果。整个清洗过程,采用网带输送的形式,使用时应避免工件重叠。    影响工件清洗效果的因素有很多,包括水质、清洗温度、清洗时间的长短、清洗液的成分、清洗液更换周期、压缩空气(鼓泡)质量、环境空气质量、工件在清洗时的放置姿态及数量等,都对清洗效果有直接影响。此外,工件上如有水渍,主要原因是水质或压缩空气(风切)不符合要求造成的,采用去离子水并提高压缩空气纯度可有效水渍。

Ultrasonic high-pressure spray combination cleaning is suitable for workpieces with holes and flat surfaces. The combination of the two can achieve satisfactory cleaning results. The entire cleaning process is carried out in the form of mesh belt conveyor, and overlapping of workpieces should be avoided during use. There are many factors that affect the cleaning effect of workpieces, including water quality, cleaning temperature, length of cleaning time, composition of cleaning solution, replacement cycle of cleaning solution, quality of compressed air (bubbling), environmental air quality, and placement posture and quantity of workpieces during cleaning, all of which have a direct impact on the cleaning effect. In addition, if there are water stains on the workpiece, the main reason is that the water quality or compressed air (wind cutting) does not meet the requirements. Using deionized water and improving the purity of compressed air can effectively eliminate water stains.


After years of accumulation, list some common consultation questions and provide answers.


Can the cleaning machine be customized according to the requirements of our workpiece?


Answer: Our cleaning machines are all non-standard equipment and can be customized according to the size, output, and cleaning requirements of the workpiece.


Question 2: I hope the equipment can achieve integrated operation, and it must be in a dry state from cleaning to discharging.


Answer: The equipment can achieve a series of process requirements such as cleaning, rinsing, blowing water, drying, oiling, and blowing oil.


3. Question: Our workshop has space limitations, can we make it according to our size?


Answer: It is necessary to inform in advance of any site restrictions and make a preliminary design based on the cleaning process proposed by your company. If it exceeds the planned area, other options may be considered.


4. Question: Is the device complex to use? What interface control is used?


Answer: The control operation panel can use buttons or touch screens according to your company's requirements.


5. Question: Can we connect the cleaning machine with other conveyor lines?



Answer: As long as the loading height of the connection is informed, it can be achieved. If used in conjunction with a robotic arm, both parties only need to cooperate with the picking rhythm.

6. 问:我们的产品比较重,输送带(筐)是否能承受那么多的重量?

6. Question: Our product is quite heavy, can the conveyor belt (basket) withstand that much weight?


Answer: We select the conveyor belt (basket) based on the weight of the workpiece, which can bear a maximum of 1-2 tons.


7. Question: Can the cleaning solution not be heated?


Answer: If there is oil stains on the workpiece, it must be heated to avoid affecting the cleaning effect.


8. Question: Can cleaning agents use detergent or laundry detergent?


Answer: The above household cleaners are generally not recommended to be used, because there is foam, which not only affects the cleaning effect, but also overflows the water tank, and it is difficult to observe the water quality problem. If you have to use it, please add defoamer! Nowadays, there are many industrial cleaning products that can be selected based on the material of the workpiece, which is more convenient, has better cleaning effects, and does not damage the surface of the workpiece. The price is also very economical.


9. Question: How often does the water in the water tank need to be replaced? Is it possible to arrange it directly?


Answer: Regularly observe the water quality, and if the cleaning effect is not as good as before, it will definitely need to be replaced. The water that needs to be replaced can be collected and discharged after sewage treatment.


10. Question: What is your company's warranty?


Answer: Three guarantees for quality, with a term of one year. Accessories need to be purchased separately. Any human damage that occurs within one year is a paid service.









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