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1. Microelectronic monocrystalline silicon wafer, cleaning integrated circuit manufacturing process
Normal hearing can hear kilohertz sound waves. Sound waves below kilohertz are called infrasound waves or infrasound waves. Sound waves above kilohertz are called ultrasonic waves
2. Clean electronic and electrical components - resistors, capacitors, electronic equipment, magnetic equipment and low-voltage electrical products
Ultrasonic cleaning function: "ultrasonic cleaning technology" refers to the use of ultrasonic cavitation to impact and peel off the dirt on the object surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Labor saving: the ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize the automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. Only one operator can clean the upper and lower ends of the workpiece, greatly reducing the personnel and cleaning time required for manual cleaning
3. Metal stamping - after stamping, remove oil stain, rust, rust and dirt of metal products
Ultrasonic hydrocarbon absorption has become the development direction of environmental friendly ultrasonic cleaning in the future. In recent years, ultrasonic descaling has emerged as a special application of ultrasonic cleaning
4. Mechanical parts - machined metal parts used to remove oil, chips, rust, rust and dirt
Put on the waterproof cover of the air conditioner, spray the air conditioner cleaning agent and clean the aluminum fins; Spray the cleaner on the plastic shell to clean and brush the air conditioner wind wheel; Brush the aluminum fins of the air conditioner, clean the air conditioner wind wheel and the air conditioner drain pipe. At the beginning of summer and winter every year, it shall be cleaned twice to achieve the purpose of sterilization, elimination and purification
5. Household appliances - manufacturing household appliances, such as tubes, air conditioners, refrigerator accessories, water heaters, stoves, electric cookers, induction cooker, electric fans, Juicers, electric irons and other cleaning metal parts
Main parameter frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine: it can be divided into low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. Cleaning medium: ultrasonic cleaning. Generally, there are two kinds of cleaning agents: chemical solvent and water-based cleaning agent
After brushing or wiping off the oil stain with a towel, gently wipe the trace and outline of residual gasoline with a dry towel or cloth to prevent the residual oil stain from forming a white circle and affecting the appearance
6. Electroplating, vacuum electroplating stripping, oxidation coating, degreasing, polishing wax, polishing paste, etc. cleaning before electroplating
According to relevant studies, the average daily intake of surfactants. Magnesium is the safety line. Then, after washing the dishes with dishwashing soap, the number of dishes left on the dishes is far lower than this line, so it can be considered safe and consumers can rest assured. It is widely used in automobile, home appliance and other industries. The main component of brominated detergent is n-bromopropane with high purity. Its performance is comparable to that of automatic trough ultrasonic cleaning machine.
7. Watches, glasses and jewelry - after grinding and polishing in the manufacturing process, accurately clean the metal shell, watch strap, moving parts, glasses frame and jewelry
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